Roof Integrated Solar Thermal Panels

Considering solar panels, but afraid of large, bulky sheets atop your roof? With the assistance of Integrated Solar, you may be able to attain the latest roof-integrated solar panels.

Founded in 2007 after the merger of two high ranking solar manufacturing companies, Integrated Solar is a well establish provider of the highest quality solar integrated heating products, such as CopperSun.

CopperSun Solar Water Heating System

Designed to appear as modern skylights, the CopperSun solar water heating system is an innovative system that has helped numerous consumers to continuously lower the cost of high energy bills. Consumers can look forward to continuous savings. Constructed of the most technologically advanced materials in solar heating, the roof-integrated CopperSun solar panels are comprised of:

  • Low-iron tempered safety solar glass
  • No moving parts
  • No exposed hardware or plumbing
  • Copper plumbing

Not only providing consumers with a stylish design, the CopperSun system is a wonderful source of renewable energy that is utilized to help the environment. Able to be installed upon residential or commercial buildings in hot or cold climates, the Copper Sun solar panels are reliable products.

Supported by a 10 year limited warranty, consumers can be assured that they will be protected for some time to come. Also offering both active and passive solar water heating systems, Integrated Solar will help you determine the correct system to meet your needs. Should you wish to further browse detailed product information, a diagram, and photos of the CopperSun solar panels, please feel free to view our product page.

Recognized by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) under system standard OG-300, the CopperSun solar water heating system is a renowned system that may be right for you.

To find how you may be able to get started on harvesting solar thermal energy, please contact our staff today at (623) 869-0561 or at our toll free number, (800) 927-2326. Dedicated to helping answer any questions or concerns you may have, we also offer an e-mail address and contact form in which to reach us.