Solar Water Heating

Looking to save the environment and money? Then you may consider a solar water heating system from Integrated Solar.

The 2007 product of the merger between two leading solar manufacturing companies, Integrated Solar has become the standard for exceptional solar heating products in Phoenix.

Able to place their solar panels in mild or cold climates, Integrated Solar may be able to help you attain a more environmentally friendly dwelling, no matter if you are in a residential or commercial building.

What are the benefits of solar water heaters?

Drawing its energy from the sun's rays, solar panels can be a beneficial asset to homeowners seeking to lower their electric bill with renewable energy. Most solar water heaters, such as the CopperSun water heating system that Integrated Solar offers, can:

  • Condense the need for traditional water heaters by almost two-thirds
  • Reduce the environmental impact that a new home can have

Offered at a reasonable cost, the CopperSun solar panels are not only a cost-effective way to save money, but also come with a 10 year limited warranty.

With CopperSun solar panels certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) under system standard OG-300, consumers can look forward to dependable solar panels that will provide them with most of the energy needed to heat their water.

View our products page to see a picture and diagram of the CopperSun solar panels.

Offering both active and passive solar water heating products, consumers are provided with several water heater choices. Crafted to appear as a fashionable skylight, the CopperSun solar panels will be inconspicuously placed upon your roof with its integrated-roof design.

Be sure to look into our CopperSun solar panels today.

To learn more about the solar water heating systems that we offer, you may reach us at (623) 869-0561 or (800) 927-2326, our toll free number. We also provide an e-mail address and contact form in which you may send us further questions.