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Water Heating Solar Power Collectors

Offering the latest in solar powered water heaters, Integrated Solar is a leader in the solar water heating manufacturing field.

Established in 2007, Integrated Solar was formed from the conjoining of two of the leading solar development companies in the field. Since then, Integrated Solar has been able to offer two top solar heating systems and solar collectors-CopperSun and Architectural Series.

Committed to helping consumers choose the correct solar heating system to meet their specific needs, our staff at Integrated Solar will do their best to ensure that you are pleased with the performance and look of your solar water heating system.

Architectural Series Drainback Water Storage System

An affordable way to help consumers lower their energy bill, help save the environment, and add distinction to their home or business, a solar water heater can be a wonderful addition.

Offering consumers an innovative way to heat their water throughout their residential or commercial building, the ARCHITECTURAL SERIES drainback water storage system consists of four main components that include a water storage tank, another tank that stores the heated water, a solar panel collector, and a heat transfer system that will transport heat to the water.

Placed seamlessly upon the roof and into your home or business, the Architectural Series drainback solar water heating system offers a variety of benefits that include:

  • Freeze protection
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Recyclable energy
  • Anodized frame

Also certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) under system standard OG-300, Architectural Series is a durable solar water heating system that will be sure to bring you lasting service for years. Able to be placed in a variety of hot or cold climates, Architectural Series may be right for you.

By browsing our product page, you will be able to view additional product information, a picture, and a diagram of the Architectural Series system and CopperSun water heating system.

For further information concerning products such as our solar hot water heaters and active or passive solar watering heating systems, please feel free to contact our staff at (623) 869-0561 or (800) 927-2326, our toll free number. Furthermore, we are also available to answer your questions through e-mail or by way of our contact form.